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About the Breed

A True Working Dog
True to its origins, the Dutch Shepherd Dog has established itself alongside such well-known working breeds as the German Shepherd Dog and the Belgian Shepherd Dog. The Dutch Shepherd Dog (Hollandse Herdershond for the Dutch) can be found herding sheep, guarding home and hearth, in rescue work, police work and as drugs detection dogs in international ports and airports. Several Dutch Shepherds have become renowned for their prowess and ability. "Ellerd Azoer van Hollands Gasthuis" was active as rescue dog and was one of the dogs that were successfully employed in Armenia after the 1989 earthquake. "Artessa van Diepenalm" (affectionately known as Tess) is the bane of drug smugglers, as she works with her owner W. Sipman as narcotics dog for the Dutch Customs department. She even carries her own identity card with pawprint!

What I love about hte breed is that they are not fully refined in composition but character wise you will find them to be similar. Hard of character, willing to please, handler focused and a great alround work and family dog.